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[Premium] Aescripts MosaicArt v1.1

[Premium] Aescripts MosaicArt v1.1 2024-06-18

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Elevate your Adobe After Effects projects with Aescripts MosaicArt v1.1, a powerful tool for creating advanced mosaic and tile filtering effects. Perfect for motion graphics and video editing professionals, this plugin offers extensive customization options and new features that bring your creative visions to life.


Key Features

Aescripts MosaicArt provides an array of innovative features designed to enhance your mosaic art creations. Here’s what makes this tool essential:

Advanced Mosaic and Tile Filtering: Create intricate mosaic art by dividing images into grids and customizing each tile's appearance and behavior.

New Tile Types and Presets: Enjoy added presets and new tile types to expand your creative possibilities.

Adaptive Mosaic: The mosaic adapts to your design needs, allowing for flexible and dynamic compositions.

Multi-Frame Compositions: Create multi-frame compositions and distribute frames randomly on the grid for a unique look.

How to Use Aescripts MosaicArt

Using Aescripts MosaicArt is straightforward and enhances your animation process. Follow these steps to get started:

Create and Divide Grids: Use MosaicArt to divide your images into grids. Neighbor cells can be combined into larger cells using the Unite Tiles Iterations parameter.

Distribute Frames: Distribute frames on the grid based on the brightness of the image, the lightness of a custom layer, or randomly.

Animate Tiles: Customize the animation of tiles by offsetting, rotating, scaling, and enlarging textures. These parameters can be randomly selected for dynamic effects.

Apply Truchet Tiles: Randomly orient each tile by 90 degrees for a unique visual style.

Color Circle Mode: Use the Color Circle mode to select a primary color for each cell and find secondary colors using a hue circle. This mode allows for randomization using sound and noise distortion.

Benefits of Using Aescripts MosaicArt

Aescripts MosaicArt simplifies the process of creating intricate mosaic and tile effects, making it an essential tool for any motion graphics or video editing professional. This plugin enhances your creative capabilities, allowing you to focus on storytelling and visual impact.

Key Characteristics

Grid Division: Divide images into grids with customizable parameters.

Frame Distribution: Distribute frames based on image brightness, custom layers, or randomly.

Tile Animation: Offset, rotate, scale, and enlarge tile textures with various parameters.

Truchet Tiles: Randomly orient each tile by 90 degrees for unique designs.

Color Circle Mode: Select primary and secondary colors for cells using a hue circle.

Noise Distortion: Use noise to distort the shape of tiles for creative effects.

Randomization: Randomize parameters such as offset, scale, and rotation for dynamic animations.

New Features in v1.1

Added Presets: New presets to enhance your creative options.

New Tile Types: Expanded tile types for more diverse effects.

Fixed Negative Scale Values: Improved functionality with fixed negative scale values.

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